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American Physics and Technology, LLC

David Swenson

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Hi, I'm Dr. David Swenson, the founder and CEO of American Physics and Technology (APT). I have dedicated my career to the discovery and development of technology that will enable new discoveries in the field of subatomic research. We are working on some exciting new projects at APT so subscribe to our newsletter for periodic updates on our progress. 

Advisory Board

Sean Kirkpatrick

Vice President, Technology Development, Exogenesis Corporation. Prior to joining Exogenesis in 2007, Sean had 20 years of experience with Epion Corp. in the development and application of a variety of surface coating and treatment technologies including plasma, ion implantation and gas cluster ion beam processing. This work included application of various surface processing technologies to meet specific customer driven requirements.

Dr. Zinetula Insepov

International expert on GCIB science and technology. Faculty member of Purdue University. Adjunct Professor of Purdue University, Professor and Founding Faculty Fellow of Skolkovo/MIT Initiative of Nuclear Engineering

Douglas H. Swenson

CFO, Jack's Tire and Oil, and Board of Directors, Alta Bank, leader in corporate finance with much experience in mergers and IPOs

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