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APT is very fortunate to work with some of the leading technology partners in this field.

Exogenesis Corporation is a privately-held, venture capital backed company developing and commercializing proprietary nanoscale surface modification and surface control technologies which have application in improving the safety and efficacy of implantable medical devices and improving the performance of optics, glass and a variety of substrates used in the laser, memory and semiconductor industries.


Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT), manufacturer of Osmic® Optics, is the components division of Rigaku Corporation. RIT is a global supplier of high performance multilayer optics used in commercial and academic institutions and government research facilities. RIT has sold over 40,000 multilayers worldwide all of which have been integrated into most major brands of Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectrometers, X-ray Diffractometers, X-ray Crystallography and SAXS/WAXS analytical instruments or in use on a synchrotron beamline or in some other experimental apparatus.


Inrad Optics Inc. has long been known as one of photonic industry’s seminal crystalline products companies. In operation since 1973 and formerly known as Photonics Product Group, the company initially built a reputation on their ability to grow and fabricate crystalline materials to exceptional quality levels. Today, Inrad Optics is a vertically-integrated photonics manufacturer offering:

  •     Crystal-based optical components and devices

  •     Custom optical components from both glass and metal

  •     Precision optical and opto-mechanical assemblies

Inrad Optics components and value-added photonic devices are used in a wide variety of defense, aerospace, laser, medical, process control and metrology applications.

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